Meeting point

The meeting point for each walk is either the Bridge Street Car Park in Newry which is outside the gates of Buttercrane Shopping Centre and on the opposite side of the road to The Quays (displayed on the map below), Castlewellan  Square car park at 9:45am  or the starting point for each walk (listed in the programme table below) before 10:30am.

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The walks below involve climbing mountains of 600 metres (2000 feet) or more in height.  A good level of fitness is required as none of our walks can be regarded as suitable for beginners to hill walking.  Please refer to our FAQs and our Fitness sections.

What to wear? It is important that you wear the appropriate gear. The Leader can refuse to allow you on the walk if you do not have the basics.

Click here for our safety information

Please note that our leaders are volunteers who pay the same membership fee and who give of their expertise and time for the benefit, enjoyment and safety of all in the club.  Walkers are asked to cooperate with the leaders and to accept their advice and instruction during walks.

The walks below are sub-divided into three grades (Groups A, drug B, nurse or C). Click here for Walk Classification.  If this is your first time hill walking with us, we suggest you start off with the C group.

DateVenueStarting LocationAprés Walk
Sun 14/10/2018
Slieve Meelmore
Meelmore Lodge (J305 307)Betty Dorans
Sun 28/10/2018Slieve BinnianCarrick Little Car Park (J345 219)Harbour Inn Annalong
Sun 11/11/2018SlievemoughanmoreLeitrim Lodge (J223 256)The Downshire Arms, Hilltown
Sun 25/11/2018Chimney Rockhttps://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/bloodybridge+car+park+maps/@54.3311044,-6.3104793,10z/data=!3m1!4b1O’Hare’s, Newcastle
Sun 09/12/18Slieve MartinKilbroney High Ca Park (J195 174)The Rostrevor Inn, Rostrevor
Tue 26/12/2018Slieve GullionSlieve Gullion CourtyardMurphys (Meigh)
Sun 13/01/2019Spelga SkylineSpelga Car Park J267 273Betty Dorans
Sun 27/01/2019Carn
Gamekeeper's Lodge (J284 214)Betty Doran's
Sun 10/02/2019
The Castle
The Lumpers (J101 108)lumpers
Sun 24/02/2019
Slieve Foye
Carlingford Car Park (J188 119)PJ O'Hares Carlingford
Sun 10/03/2019Hen MountainRocky River Car Park (J233 277)Betty Dorans
Sun 24/03/2019CommedaghDonard Car Park (J375 306)O Hare's Newcastle

All walks start at 10.30am