Health Benefits

How can physical activity improve my health?

Hello to all our sociable hill walking friends and welcome if you are thinking of joining us.

Hill walking is a great pastime and as well as meeting new people and forging new friendships it’s also a very good way to improve your own mental and physical health.

There are enormous benefits to be gained from this simple exercise. Studies for example have shown that it reduces the risk of dying from coronary heart disease or of developing high blood pressure. It also protects against the risk of bowel cancer or adult onset diabetes.

As well as this regular exercise is good for our mental health by improving our mood, doctor preventing depression and feelings of anxiety and increasing our general well-being.  It leads to better sleep patterns and even looking better.

Hill walking & health benefits

By getting involved as well in regular hill walking there are a number of specific additional benefits such as:

Improved muscle tone.
Less risk of back pain
Reduced risk of arthritis
Better digestion
Improved circulation
Stronger respiratory system
Enhanced posture

Finally, hill walking especially with the Wee Binnians, is very sociable and really good fun. So we would encourage anyone to give it a go.

We would also encourage all hill walkers to keep the sociability aspect and to say hello to other hill walkers you meet out. Ireland is one of the friendliest countries to be in, next to Australia, and we don’t want to lose that. Who knows what you might get out of it! See you on the hills.

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