Dress Code

For Your Safety and Comfort

Please Note: The leader can refuse to allow you on the walk if you don’t have the basics. (Click on blue text for links to images)

Must Have:

Rucksack – Adequate clothing(layers are the best option) Jeans Not Recommended, Walking Boots (Sandels or Trainers NOT Recommended), Hat & Gloves, Raincoat & Waterproof over-trousers/Leggings, Packed lunch and at least 1 litre water

Should Have:

Torch (Head Torch is preferable), Bivvy Bag, Extra Batteries, Basic First Aid (at least plasters & bandages), Whistle (Plastic is preferable)

Good Idea:

Laminated Map *, Compass, Emergency Rations (Just have spare chocolate Bars),  A Change of Clothing to be left in car.

Walkers Responsibilities

1. For your own safety, take stock of your equipment.

2. Choose the walk most suitable to your fitness level.

3. Observe the country code, ‘Leave No Trace‘ and take ALL litter home.