Wee Binnian Walkers


We look forward to welcoming new members and casual walkers to “The Social Group that Walks”. Please note that intending casual walkers/new members should turn up no later than 15mins prior to commencement of the walk. This is to allow time for form filling, payment, etc. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL CASUAL/NEWCOMER WALKERS REGISTER BEFORE 09:45! Please see Walks Programme for details of all walks.

We were founded in 1987 and are based in the North Eastern border area of Newry, Co. Down and Dundalk, Co. Louth.  To become a Wee Binnian member, you must be over 18 years, have a level of fitness suitable to the demands of the activity and who accept the aims and objectives of the club. You can choose from either annual membership of the club or be a casual walker, details are below of how to join. For more information on required fitness levels and a 12 week fitness programme for preparation please click here.

Annual Membership

The Membership year starts on 1 April and runs to 31 March and the full year membership fee is £25 or €30, normally from January to March this is reduced to half price at £15 or €15. To join simply print of the Membership Form and bring a completed version along with the appropriate fee and to our next scheduled walk.

Casual Membership

Non members, may participate provided you are properly equipped, in up to two walks in any year as a casual walker without becoming a member, after which you must join the club to continue walking with us.  This might suit walkers from other clubs, potential new members and friends of members.  To be a casual walker please print off the Casual Form along with the appropriate fee and bring it along to one of our Membership Secretaries on our next scheduled walk.

Our Membership Secretaries: Julie & Lorraine.

 As a member of the club you can participate in:

  • an annual walking programme with two walks a month in the Mournes and the Cooley Mountains followed by a drink in a local pub.
  • away trips throughout the year to other walking destinations/other festivals (usually at 17th March weekend and last week end in October)
  • the three day Wee Binnian Annual Walking Festival, (usually in September each year)
  • other social events as appropriate (usually the Christmas Dinner and the Blister ball on the last night of the festival)


Hill walking is an adventure sport and in common with all forms of mountaineering, carries inherent risks of personal injury.   Participants should be aware of and accept these risks.  Those taking part in our club activities do so at their own risk and are responsible for their own actions and involvement.   Members are encouraged to acquire personal accident insurance where appropriate, to cover for loss of earnings due to injury on the hills.

Choosing the Most Suitable Walk for You

When walking with the Wee Binnian Walkers for the first time, you are asked to walk in the Grade C walk. This will give you the opportunity to access the pace, height and length of walk against your level of fitness and preference.  Each grade is open to all members, subject to fitness level, irrespective of age or gender.   Refer to the Walk Classification chart.

Training and Development of Leaders

The club’s policy is to promote the development of leaders and is renowned for its commitment to safety and emphasis on leader training.  All leaders are fully trained to recognised standards and have a current Rescue Emergency Care (first-aid) certificate.  The club runs regular renewal courses for leaders in micro navigation, night navigation and first-aid.  The club also runs its own Basic Navigation courses which are open to all members.  Those with an interest in becoming leaders are encouraged and sponsored to do so, through the internationally recognised ‘Walking Group Leader Award’ and ‘Mountain Leader Award’.

Leader’s Role

Members should know that leaders are volunteers who pay the same membership fee and who give of their expertise and time for the benefit, enjoyment and safety of all in the club.  Leaders take this role seriously and members are encouraged to discuss with the leader, any concerns they have which effect their enjoyment of the walk. Walkers too, have a responsibility to look after themselves, especially as they gain experience. Walkers are asked to cooperate with the leaders and to accept their advice and instruction during walks. Support Your Leaders.

Member Initiatives

In addition to the Club activities arranged by the Committee, Wee Binnian Members organize Social Events; away weekends to other walking destinations, skiing trips, fundraising social events for charity and sponsored walks.  These, however, are not club events, not covered by club insurance and are subject to the Club policy on fundraising.  However they are a very important aspect of the social potential of the club and much supported and enjoyed.

Behind the Scenes

The business of the club is conducted by a committee of 12 members elected annually at the AGM. The AGM is usually held in March each year after the Sunday walk.  It takes about an hour and all members are encouraged to attend.

The committee supports membership, represents leaders, organizes leadership training, walks, trips away and the festival, manages communication through the web-pages and newsletter and ensures that membership fees and sponsorship are well-spent.   All this requires an active, enthusiastic and skilled team of members making up the committee.


Any member wishing to bring any issue to the attention of the committee may raise it informally with a member of the committee or if they choose submit it in writing to the secretary who will have it tabled at the next scheduled meeting.  In this case the decision of the committee will be notified back to the member in writing.


The Wee Binnian Walkers actively promotes non-political, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory behaviour and any breaches of this will be considered as serious and will be dealt with as such by the committee according to the grievance procedures of the club. Similarly anyone who is involved in anti-social behaviour or who brings the club into disrepute may be censured, suspended, or have their membership rescinded by the committee.

Please click HERE to read The Wee Binnian’s Privacy notice.