Wee Binnian Walkers

Policies and Procedures

1. The club shall be called “The Wee Binnian Walkers”. The aims of the club
shall be the promotion of the sport of hillwalking and the development of its
social potential.

2. The objectives of the club shall be:

  • the provision of a local annual walking programme.
  • the organisation of away trips throughout the year to other walking destinations/other festivals.
  • the operation of an open policy for visiting clubs to promote intra-national networking.
  • the organisation of an annual walking festival.
  • the organisation of other social events as appropriate
  • any other activity considered by the committee in keeping with the aims and objectives of the club.

3. In line with Section 75 N.I. Equality Act (1999) the club shall be actively non-political, generic non-sectarian and non-discriminatory. Any breaches in relation to these specific issues will be considered as serious and will be dealt with as such by the committee according to the Policies and Procedures of the club.

4. Membership is open to all adults over 18 years of age who have a level of fitness suitable to the demands of the sport and who accept the aims and objectives of the club.

5. The club year will run from 1st April to 31st March. Members will pay an annual membership fee as determined annually by the committee and ratified at the AGM. The closing date for the membership fee will be 30th April. This will be enforced, and membership will be deemed to have lapsed if the fee is not paid by 1st May. From May onwards non paid-up members will be charged the casual walker fee.

6. Only paid-up members can vote at the AGM and EGM or take up office. Those holding a student membership do not have voting rights.

7. The business of the club will be conducted by a committee of 12 paid-up members elected annually at the AGM. The committee will include a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Officers shall hold their positions for no longer than five consecutive years. Members willing to serve on the committee will submit a nomination form signed by a proposer and seconder to the secretary prior to the AGM. Twenty five paid up members will constitute a quorum at the AGM.

8. The Chairperson of the committee may at any time at his/her discretion, or within 21 days of receiving a written request signed by at least 20 paid-up members and giving reasons for the request, call an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider matters referred.

9. All notices of motion for the AGM must be given in writing to the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to such AGM. Motions for consideration at an AGM or EGM may only be agreed by a 2/3 majority of those members entitled to vote.

10. Members must be properly equipped for the hills, have the required level of fitness for each category and obey the leaders instructions at all times. Any leader can refuse to take walkers out if they believe that the walker may be unable to climb and traverse mountainous terrain unaided or don’t have the essential equipment as itemised on the Clubs Website.

11. The club exercises a low-impact environmental policy. Members must show respect for the sensitive environment in which they enjoy their sport and follow the country code at all times.

12. In the interests of safety, farming welfare and the enjoyment of members, no dogs are allowed on any club outing.

13. Any member in breach of the rules of the club,  involved in anti-social behaviour,  who brings the Club into disrepute, or is guilty of conduct unbecoming to or unworthy of a member  or conduct or behaviour  which could possibly put the safety of that member or any other member of the Club at risk may be censured, suspended, or have their membership rescinded by the committee.

14. An appeal to such a decision should be made within 14 days in writing to the Secretary. On receipt the Secretary shall notify the committee and in conjunction with the officers and committee, establish an appeal committee within a reasonable period. The committee shall comprise three Wee Binnian members who are not current committee members willing to undertake this role, with considerable experience of the club, include male and female, leader and non-leader members and with no direct interest in the matter under consideration.  The appeal committee will receive a written report from the committee and from the person concerned setting out their case. It will organize a meeting and invite the person concerned who may be accompanied by a friend and two representatives of the committee. The decision of the appeal committee will be communicated in writing and it is final.

15. Any member wishing to bring any issue to the attention of the committee should submit it in writing to the secretary who will have it tabled at the next scheduled meeting. The decision of the committee will be notified back to the member in writing.

16. The club at the discretion of the committee may raise funds for charitable purposes.

17. The members may use the newsletter to promote appropriate fund raising activities. Fundraising will be limited to individual sponsorship. General soliciting of funds is not deemed acceptable

18. A copy of the Constitution of the club is available to members by request from the Secretary.