Wee Binnian Walkers

  Wee Binnian’s Lake District Trip

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 Sunday, 26 April 2015

– Doan – @ Gamekeepers Lodge car park @10.45am. (Aprés @ Betty Doran’s Pub, Hilltown.) Meet at Bridge Street Car Park Newry at 10.00am. ( Click here for location on map. ) 


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Upcoming Walking Festivals

Why not visit one of the upcoming walking festivals such as Leanne, Ballyhoura or The Lumpers, perhaps organise a trip with a few friends.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people from different parts of the country and enjoy the craic. Indeed, if you find the time take along a few of our club brochures and promote our own festival. For further details on these upcoming festivals please view the posts on the right of this page.