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May I walk with Wee Binnians, on the next walk, even if not a member? Can I just turn up?

Yes, you can.  Just arrive at the designated car park before 9.45 am and look for our membership team.  After that as long as you feel you’re fit enough and properly kitted out, you may walk.  As a non-member you can join two walks, in any year, as a ‘casual’ after which you must join to continue walking.  Please refer to our membership page where you will find the link to our casual member form.  It is also worth checking the information contained on our Walks Information page

The walks programme shows only one walk with a starting location. Are there other walks?

We provide four walks, on the same day, from the same starting point which take different routes depending on grade.  They are A, B+, B and C.  New walkers are advised to go on the C walk.

What do the different groups mean (A B+ B C)?

These are grades of walk in terms of speed, height gained, distance covered and effort required.  ‘A’ being the hardest and ‘C’ the easiest.  All groups climb mountains with newcomers advised to start in the C group.

Where do the walks start from?

Walks start and finish at the car park indicated on the walks programme.

When are the walks on?

Walks happen on second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Sunday of each month.  Check walks programme for details.

Can I become a member – how do I join?

Yes, membership is open and costs £30 or €35 per annum from 1 April to 31 March.  Complete the online application form, on our membership page.  Arrive at the designated car park and look for our Membership Team who will assist you.  Our Membership Team will be on hand up till 9.45 am on the day of each walk or email to

Will I be welcome?

Yes.  We are known as the ‘Social Club that walks’.  Our aim is to promote hill walking as a healthy, leisure pursuit that can be enjoyed by everyone without distinction of age, gender, race, political or religious affiliation. Individuals join for various reasons e.g., love of the outdoors; to get exercise or to meet people.

Will I be fit enough?

If you have climbed a full mountain, in the recent past, you should be fit enough for our ‘C’ Group.  If you have never climbed a mountain before, please click on walks information and refer to our fitness level requirements.

How long do the walks last?

Walks vary, in length, but usually last 4½ to 5 hours.  Occasionally, dependant on grade or weather conditions a walk could be as long as 6½ hours or as short as 3½ hours.  Members usually go to a designated hostelry, for refreshments, after the walk at 16:00 or 17:00.

What all do I need to bring?

You must have walking boots; raincoat and waterproof leggings; adequate clothing (layers are best); hat; gloves; packed lunch and at least one (1) litre of water.  (Walk Leaders can refuse to take anyone they feel does not have the basics). Check out the ‘what we ask of you’ link on walks information page.

Where do you walk?

Most of the walks are in the Mourne mountains with some in the Cooley mountains and occasionally further afield.

Are there trips away organised?

Yes, a number of trips are arranged each year.  These are to other parts of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.  You must be a paid-up member to go on a trip and priority is given, if necessary, to existing members who walk on a regular basis.

How hard are the walks?

Our walks are over mountains and are much harder than flat walking.  Please click on walks information / classification for details.

Is there an easy walk and what about flat walks?

No sorry – we are a hill walking club.  Our lowest grade of walk (C) requires climbing in excess of 700 metres over a distance of 10km.

I am preparing for a significant charity walk. Will walking with the club give me suitable training?

No, although membership is open our club is not a training facility for charity walks.

Can I join at the start point of the walk?

You may go directly to the start of the walk.

Could anyone give me a lift?

The club does not arrange transport but members may share transport from their own starting location.

Can I bring my children?

No.  Membership is limited to those eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Can I bring my dog?

No.  Dogs can be a nuisance for walking groups and are not always welcomed by farmers and landowners.

When is the Wee Binnian Walkers Festival on?

Each year the club organises, usually during the second weekend in September, an annual walking festival [running from Friday, lunchtime, till close on Sunday evening].  Walks are graded and are held in the Mournes and Cooley areas.  A highlight of the weekend is the extremely successful ‘Blister Boogie’.  The festival brochure is available, nearer the time, for download giving details of how to pre-register with information also available via Facebook and on our website. Alternatively email if you require further information.